NIDEK Technologies
Diagnostic ophthalmic instruments


Thanks to several years of experience and all the research on the development of high-tech medical devices, NIDEK Technologies can count on unique design skills in the hardware and software development field; all this by using state of the art equipment to offer a set of integrated services.

  • Design


    • Modernity, uniqueness, style, personalization

    • Advanced integration with the Engineering

    • Final product simulation thanks to photo-realistic simulation and VR software
  • Engineering


    • 360° project analysis thanks to the cross related company skills ranging from mechanical to electronic and optical design

    • Use of SolidWorks and Fusion 360 mechanical design platforms

    • Advanced software development tools in a multi-platform environment

    • Software development for web oriented and cloud based devices and services
  • Prototyping


    • Rapid prototyping services leveraging partnership with professional suppliers in 3D printing

    • Analysis of Critical

    • Design support for specific 3D printing designs

    • Test environment and functional validation
  • 3d printing

    3D Printing

    • From design to engineering to quickly switch to prototyping using the latest-generation 3D printers allow to dramatically reduce project time and costs

    • We can produce parts with up to 16 microns’ resolution and the possibility to use mixed materials to create complex combinations with plastic, rubber, resin, etc.; parts loaded with Carbon fiber, Kevlar and Glass fiber.

    • Metal parts.

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