Confoscan 4 - Corneal Confocal Microscope
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Example of 40x probe exam Confoscan 4 probes - 20x, 40x, 40x with Z-Ring exam images of different layer and pathologies

The World Standard in Corneal Diagnostic

Precise display of corneal layers

  • Endothelium
  • Descemet's membrane
  • Stroma
  • Bowman's membrane
  • Epithelial layers

Accurate analysis of corneal components

  • Endothelial cells
  • Stromal Keratocytes
  • Nerve Fibres
  • Basal & Superficial Cells



  Main Features      
  • Confoscan 4 is a unique and state-of-the-art diagnostic instrument that combines a Confocal Microscope, a non-contact Endothelial Microscope and a precision Pachymeter – all technologies in one innovative and compact unit.

  • The Confoscan 4 is the first Confocal Microscopy Based Pachymeter able to do full thickness cornea measurements and to localize any intra-corneal structure, including haze.

  • The Confoscan 4 is the first Fully Automated Non-Contact Confocal Endothelial Microscope that is not affected by corneal hazes. The unit provides for a fast and fully automatic endothelial analysis in any condition. Confocality is at its highest performance with a fourth generational NIDEK Confocal Microscope.
  exam images of different layer and pathologies  


  • Automated functionalities like automatic alignment and scanning make testing, registration and evaluation of the data easier and faster than with other confocal instrumentation.

  • The new Z-Ring and high precision optics increase the stability and accuracy of the exam.

  • The new internal fixation targets lead to highly reproducible and accurate exams, a single button push allows automatic retesting of a patient in 9 different corneal locations.

  • A quick exam time and NO-Contact characteristics and floating probe system, make the exam process comfortable and safe even for light sensitive patients or for those that have undergone ophthalmic surgery.

  Example of 40x probe exam  
  • Automatic cell analysis software detects overall density, number of sides and area of each cell as well as overall pleomorphism and polimegathism indices.

  • Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual Mode and Customisable exam parameters are available with the unit. This allows you to choose the corneal layers to be scanned - Endothelium, Epithelium or Full cornea scan in one unique patient exam.
  Automatic Cell Count  
  3 in 1: Multiple Instruments In One Interface      
  Confocal microscope with 40x probe      
  • Gel immersion exam
  • Fully Automated Alignment
  • Imaging through corneal haze and opacities
  • Examination time below 15 sec
  • Full cornea, Endothelium or Epithelium scan
  • Real-Time in-vivo histology
  • Multiple Internal fixation mires
  Confocal microscope with 40x probe  
  Non-Contact Endothelial Microscope with 20x probe      
  • Fully non-contact (12 mm working distance in air)
  • High quality imaging through corneal haze and opacities
  • Wider measurement area (up to 1000 cells/exam)
  • Fully automatic cell count and endothelial density measurement
  • Increases reimbursable exams
  Non-Contact Endothelial Microscope with 20x probe  
  Confocal Pachymeter with Z-Ring      
  • Innovative pachymetry technique
  • Pachymetry through corneal haze and opacities
  • ± 5 microns instrumental accuracy
  • Z-Ring increases image stability
  • Precise location of corneal layers and structures
  Confocal Pachymeter with Z-Ring