Nidek Technologies is a company which specializes in the research, development and production of high-technology diagnostic instruments and informatics systems for the ophthalmology sector.
Producing innovative and forward-looking products that reflect the highest quality standards is the main aim of Nidek Technologies, a company that always puts complete client satisfaction at the top of its list of priorities.


Nidek Technologies Srl - Padova (Italy)
  Company Structure      

Our Company belongs to the Japanese group, Nidek.
Our head office is in Padova - Italy and the company is divided up into 5 sectors: Research and Development, Marketing and Sales, Production and Service, Management and Quality Control.
The close collaboration that our Company has enjoyed with academic organizations, international researchers and planners for many years is a very important to us.
We also co-operate with our holding company, Nidek Co., Ltd., acting as a base and support for its marketing and sales activities in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets.
Currently Nidek Technologies employs about 45 professionals.
To these we can add the Scientific Research Group, made up of a further 12 members including university professors, clinical experts and researchers.



  Research & Development      

Innovation, high technology, continual development, creativity: these are the fundamental elements on which Nidek Technologies has always based its success, creating original products with innovative and exclusive clinical applications.
The decisive element, therefore, has become research: widespread, multi-disciplinary and persistent research guided by a pool of experts.
Thanks to this strategy, Nidek Technologies is always at the forefront, anticipating the market's demands and developing items that new technologies make it possible to produce.



  Marketing & Sales      

The Marketing and Sales sector controls the commercialization of all Nidek Technologies products and of certain products selected by the holding company Nidek Corporation.
Marketing is controlled from Padova offices and our products are commercialized to the minute on the Italian market.
A well-structured and diversified sales network, directed at effectively exploiting the opportunities provided for the various product lines, is the instrument that Nidek Technologies makes use of within the Italian market.
The Company also acts as a commercial base and provides technical support for all Nidek Distributors operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



  Production & Service      

The Production and Service sector of Nidek Technologies integrates the tasks of selecting and qualifying suppliers, product engineering and flexible production.
All the steps along the assembly and inspection lines are planned down to the last detail in order to guarantee quality standards conforming to current provisions and market requirements. It is with this in mind that the greatest attention is paid to checking the quality of the components and semifinished products we purchase.
Our Technical Assistance department promptly and efficiently responds to all requests for repairs, product revision or upgrading, either at our works or on the end-users' premises.
In order to guarantee these quality aims for the whole life-cycle of our products, both the Production and Technical Assistance departments can take advantage of our complete and detailed archives containing the documentation relative to the traceability of our products and their components.




Client satisfaction and continuous quality improvement are the prime objectives of Nidek Technologies at all levels of our organization.
Each member of staff knows that it is possible to carry out a procedure efficiently and effectively, using time and resources to their best in order to benefit our clients.
The result is that our clients are aware that their expectations regarding the quality of our products will be totally satisfied.
Guided by these principles, Nidek Technologies has obtained ISO 13485 Certification within the scope "Design, manufacturing and service of devices, instrument and software for ophthalomologic diagnosis and rehabilitation" from the certification body TÜV Rheinland, authorizing us to apply the CE mark (according to UE directive 93/42/CEE).

Furthermore, our Company obtained ISO 9001 certification regarding rapid prototyping.